These carefully tested and manufactured ROPP caps protect the bottle contents from contamination, fungus deposition, and will prevent dust and foreign particles from entering into the bottles. Being the most popular and enterprising bottle cap manufacturers with decades of experience in this field, we are proud to be ISO 9001: 2000 & HACCP certified for the flawless and immaculate quality of bottle caps that we produce for varied purposes and causes.

We are also known for producing fashionable bottle sleeves with embossed graphic designs which enhance the brand value of the product and thereby increase its visibility in the market. The bottle cap sleeve that we provide can elegantly sleeve the label on the bottles and shrink it tight automatically covering the entire circumference of the product as per the requirements of our clients. We produce such high quality labels using imported films like Cast PVC, PETG and OPS. Place your bulk orders with us and let us enhance your brand of products with exceptional and well crafted bottle caps.

The beverages are the most important part of our life. Whenever, we are feeling tired or low, the only thing which makes us energetic or fills our body with power removing all type’s tiredness or low are removed immediately so that the person can go back on its work.

We know very well that every people are having different working style, and very same way for every person their energy giving beverage is also different. Few people consider coffee or tea as their beverage while for other bear or any other type of fruit juice is preferred as their beverages.